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Search Numbers That Lead to Income

Getting Customers to find your website is just step one.  Instead taking the approach as most marketing companies and really selling the amount of clicks your website recieves I consentrate more on the amount of sales the clicks lead to.  We will come up with a plan that will be most effective for your business. Budget amounts vary for success and I strive to have you spend the least amount of money for the best result possible. In some cases your budget is too low for a sucessful campaign and instead of me just wasting your money on something that will not work we can try more traditioonal marketing methods that will give you a favorable result.

Detailed Breakdowns of Your Progress

Monthly Reports are generated to check our campaigns progress. We will track different phyical locations and keywords to better assess your online presence and to tailor your website to best attract the customers and industries you are looking for.   It is also possible to break this information down by device or type of computer your potentional customer is using to find you. We can set meetings to discuss the findings or I can just schdeule them to arrive in your inbox and you can review them when you have time.

Google Search Pie Chart
Google Search Pie Chart

Traffic That is Driven to Your Website

I will use a variety of methods to help grow your online presence the right way.  By building your audience properly not only do you build a more stable customer base but you can attract customers at a more regualr interval.  My traffic is real, no clickbanks or robots building my stats. All that matters to me is that we convert these clicks into actual sales.  In my eyes if 1000 people leads to 100 sales thats a bigger sucesss then 100,000 leading to 50 sales.  A Marketing Company would consider the 100k views to be a much larger success since they really do not focus there ROI on your bottomline just views alone.  I have helped dozens of small family owned businesses build there online presence to help compliment there usual stream of income and in some cases even eclipse it.

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